Below are some photographs of installations and illustrations of services offered by Xeitoptics. Click on each image for a more detailed view.

(This page is continually “under construction”, so please do come back from time to time to look for updates.)

1. Private Home Cinema, Canberra, Australia 2011
The first one is in a private home in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. This installation has been lovingly constructed over a period of many months, item by item, to the most exacting of details. No wonder that after all this work the customer wanted the sharpest, least distorted anamorphicimage!

2. Professional Installation – Electronic Living, Australia, 2011
Electronic Living is multiple, repeat customer of Xeitoptics. Their award winning attention to detail and customer service are famous. Electronic Living purchases only the best for their commercial customers (as you can see), so the Xeit CM-5E was a “no-brainer” for them! (Note the use of the indispensable CineSlide motorized sled┬áin both these fully automated installations)

3. Our pre-installation documentation
An example of our 3D documentation. The customer’s room specification indicated a tight fit, with a bulkhead in danger of getting in the way. Accurate 3D simulation, drawn with input from the client, and precise measurement to the millimetre, plus pinpoint optical simulation performed in-house at Xeitoptics, showed that there would be 20mm clearance between the CineSlide motorized sled and the lens, when tilt was applied. Once all this was information was factored in – size of projector, bulkhead intrusion, sled size, lens tilt and size and headroom – we were able to predict a successful installation with minimal structural interference. No paper, and no experimentation was required to guarantee the customer that the installation would all fit neatly (as it did when built).

4. Our test patterns (see Test Patterns page for more)
It’s all very well to judge lens performance by eye. But when an installation can cost the end user hundreds of thousands of dollars, the final result has to be “right”. Xeitoptics provides free installation test patterns – a variety of single-pixel checkerboards, ANSI contrast, colorimetry, focus, pure white, pure black, (illustrated) aspect ratios, and more – many of which we use ourselves in final lens calibration. These in-house test patterns make the tailoring of screen dimensions and edge-to-edge lens quality as close to perfection as possible. The chart below is our Aspect Ratio test pattern. Set the projector to “normal”, move the Xeit CM-5E into the projection beam, and then see how various aspect ratios will work with the particular user’s set-up (note: this pattern is presented in ready-to-use form, lossless .JPG compressed which will expand to full resolution with no compression artefacts).

5. Professional Installation – Electronic Interiors, Western Australia
This installation was tight. The end user had a large screen size in a smallish room. We wish we could show you the house, because it looks like a fabulous place to live, beside the Indian Ocean in sunny Perth, Western Australia, but privacy restrictions apply. Architectural drawings were supplied by Wavetrain, Sydney, Australia and construction was carried out by Electronic Interiors. Truly an installation for all involved to be proud of!

6. North American installation – Sim2 HT-3000, 0.95″ DLP
This customer’s DIY theater set-up had a very large screen and a recessed lens, as well as the broad beam associated with a 0.95″ DLP imaging chip. The CM-5E handled this larger format combination with ease.

7. Australian Hi-Fi Show (October 19-21, 2012, Sydney, Australia)
This picture might be slightly murky, but the one on-screen certainly was not! In conjunction with Audio Active (Melbourne, Australia) who are the official Sim2 importers, the Xeit CM-5E provided complementary quality to the overall presentation of the Sim2 “Lumis”. As you can see, the rolling demonstrations over three days attracted a large number of exhibition attendees. As many as could be accommodated by the ample seating provided. With a 10,000 watt sound system – $35k Paradigm Home Theatre surround sound speakers and a rack full of audio and video processing equipment (Anthem M1 power plants, Primare Blu-Ray player) – the show was on the road.

8. Xeitoptics is proud to be associated with Wolf Cinema
Here is a triptych of images of our first Wolf Cinema installation, in the state of Queensland, Australia.

The projector is the Wolf Cinema DCX-1000i, a large format 3-chip DLP device with Wolf’s legendary attention to detail, light output and heat dissipation.

Purchased and supplied to the customer by Wolf Cinema as part of the DCX-1000i projector package was the Xeit CM-4KR – “4K Ready” – our upgraded anamorphic model, laser-calibrated and manufactured to strict “4K” projection standards (actually well over 6K).

The hand-curved, acoustically transparent screen, built on site to a precise curvature of 41’4″ radius by master screenmaker Richard Ward of Oz Theatre Screens, is truly a whopper: a 160″ wide, 2.40:1 scope monster. This large size is especially significant when you consider that the throw was only 4.8 metres (15’9″), delivering a tight Throw Ratio of only about 1.67 to work with.

Everything in this project was custom. No “standard” equipment was used. Many hours of modelling and calculation were contributed by all involved. The customer demanded as near to perfection as possible.

Working in co-ordination with the dedicated and truly talented systems integrator and designer, David Blake, the package delivered exactly what the client required: projector, anamorphic lens, gorgeous screen, superb, brighter-than-bright image, and a beautiful theater, which has been entered for the forthcoming 2014 Australian CEDIA Home Cinema awards.

Congratulations to all involved in this truly unique project!