B-Stock For Sale

For more information on all B-stock availability contact Xeitoptics at the following email address :

email: cashcam[at]ozemail.com.au (Note: substitute @ for [at])

One unit available as of mid-November 2012.

* Optically perfect
* Small chip on the extreme edge of one lens (well clear of light path).
* Otherwise 100%

NOTE: There is no need to log on or leave a comment to enquire about B-stock. Just send Xeitoptics an email.

* “B-Stock” lenses will be sold only to valid end-users. They are not for re-sale.

* “B-Stock” lenses are optically perfect, but may have slight cosmetic blemishes on individual glass elements or on the casing that disqualify them from sale as “new”. They may also include parts from older versions of the casing design that are now discontinued. All B-stock lenses now have the latest casing form.

* “B-Stock” lenses are warranted with the usual warranty, but of course any defects that are disclosed at the time of sale are excluded from this warranty.

10 thoughts on “B-Stock For Sale

  1. Hello, I am interested to know more about your B-stock Crystalmorphic lens you have for sale. This is for my home theater (not for resale). I’m not sure if it matters, but I am also an AVSForum member.


    • B-stock lenses are units that have minor imperfections that do not affect their optical or mechanical performance. They are priced considerably cheaper than A-stock lenses and are sold directly from Xeitoptics on the basis that they are not for resale. They have a full guarantee that takes into account to stated flaws.

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